Walking in Limburg


Last weekend we went to Limburg for a walk in the great nature reserve of the Platwijers. This is a reserve with a size of  100 ha and is for a big part accessible for walking. It consists out of a couple of hundred men-made pools. These pools are a habitat for a lot of species that like water. You can find frogs, lizards but mainly water birds. There is a huge variaty of birds that use this place to stop during their flights to the warmer south, but also some that like to breed here and made this as their habitat all year round. Due to this reason, another big part of the reserve is closed for people as they would like to keep the rest for these animals.

Because of the winter and cold season it was hard to make pictures of the birds. They were most of the time quite far away or very skittish. Nevertheless I made some pictures of the landscape. You can find them in the panorama section or the land scenes.

Later this year I will defenitly go back to make some more pictures, who knows what animals we find then…



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