A weekend at Texel, the bird island of The Netherlands!

It took me a while, but I’ve made it to Texel! It was a location that was on my wishlist for a while and now thanks to Jeroen Stel I went there for a long weekend visiting all the hotspots and more.

The adventure started already while we were on our way to Den Helder. Suddenly we got an idea that the other side of Den Helder there is Den Oever which is known for the large colonies of (bar-tailed) godwits. We decided to take the chance and turned around… arrived on the place we saw the big clouds of birds flying over the coast. I personally never sam that much godwits together, what a start of a weekend.


Back to Den Helder and parking the car on the ferry, the next chapter started, tons of gulls flying next to the boat and begging for some food. The ideal moment to take some nice pictures of these birds… Most of the people hate them but I love them in all their varieties.

Texel itself is a wonderful island. Lovely people, fantastic food and great places for enjoying the nature and taking pictures.

We’ve been on the island for only 2 days and had a huge variety of animals (mostly birds off course) with some great opportunities for wildlife shots.

The island is well known for the large amount of godwits, surprisingly these are some of my favorite birds so I took this chance to make some nice pictures.

Godwit Godwit Godwit Godwit

Next to that, there are quite some other birds available as well on the island, goose, small songbirds and other shorebirds and even some small mammals…


But next to these wonderful observations, we saw a well know predator of the island… THE SHORT-EARED OWL

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you can image that if you can make such an amount of lovely pictures in only 2 days, I’m a happy man.

To make this short trip even more complete, we heard some rumors of a spoonbill colony on our way back home. We looked at each other and didn’t hesitate for a moment and drove to that place. Arrived, we found out that they were just a couple of meters away from a busy bike and scooter way and only a small canal was between it. Great place to setup the gear and start enjoying the spectacle.

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My first time on the island of Texel will not be the last one, for sure. I enjoyed the trip on all levels: people, hospitality, food, locations and off course wildlife.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as well.




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