Again between the whales and dolphins

Atlantic Spinner Dolphin Atlantic Spinner Dolphin in from of the coast Bryde whale
Yes, we did it again… Another holiday to one of our favourite destinations. Gran Canaria, one of the 6 official Canary Islands. If you can go on a holiday with your family to place you like, a good hotel, some great food, people you know, the kids enjoy it and last but not least, some beautiful wildlife… Why search for another destination. That’s exactly the reason why it is the fourth time we go to Puerto Rico.
The southern part of the island is a very important cross point for 15 kinds of dolphins, 13 kinds of whales, sailfish, tuna and much more of oceanic wildlife.
Thanks to “the spirit of the seas”, I enjoy time after time searching and observing these animals. In total I’ve been on a trip with the boat and the crew now for more then 20 times (spread over several times visiting the island), and every trip, we find of these animals and I’m able to make some great pictures.
Enjoy the pictures from these oceanic mammals and see you next time.

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