Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (AWD)

AWD Deer

A couple of days ago, I visited the “Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen” (AWD). This is an area of 3400ha, mostly dunes and moorland, and is created for the abstraction of drinking water for the city of Amsterdam. Rest, space and nature are the most important keywords for the domain.

This area is known for its fallow deer, they¬† are also known as the famous “Bambi” deer, named to the eponymous Walt Disney movie. There is an estimation that there are living around 1000 of them in the reserve. They are quite big, impressive and for the moment, they are getting ready for their estrous cycle. There are not that many sounds yet of the male opening their throat to impress the females but it is still a spectacular view to see them passing by.

I was lucky to have a day with some nice sunshine and was able to make some good shots.

Enjoy the pictures,
See you soon,


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