Badger watching

Last Friday I joined a scientific project of badger watching in Belgium. I was looking forward to it and was hoping on an opportunity to make some nice pictures of wild badgers. This is quite exceptional as they are very skittish most of the time and only come out of their sett late in the evening.

Well, first of all I think I was lucky because I saw 5 of them foraging for some food close (2 meters) to our observation place. But unfortunatley for my camera, this only started at around 23:00… So there was no natural light any more and no opportunity to make some descent pictures. Although we had some red lights with us… badgers are insensitive for red, I tried to make some. You can see that I am not able to provide some good quality shots, but I really would like to share a glimp of this special moment I had.

Badgers don’t seem to differ their foraging time throughout the year so next spring I will be able to join the team again and then the days are longer, so more natural light will be available when they come out and hopefully the pictures will be more successful.

In any case, enjoy the pictures and the rest of my site.

See you,

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