Beautiful Holland

A couple of days ago, I had a wonderful trip with fellow Wildlife photographer Maas Van de Ruitenbeek. We started our day visiting some of the polders near Arkenheem. This is truly a paradise for bird spotting. Unfortunately most of them already left to the South for warmer places, however we saw 1 last redshank looking over the polders.Redshank

 Next we went to a place for some frogs were we were lucky to see them out of a very low point of view, this is always generating great shots with some  nice Bokeh.

Green frog

Not far from this place, there was a forest of oaks where we would have some great chances to see some stag beetles, and again we were lucky to find some really nice males. It was only early afternoon so they were not ready to fly away. They start flying at sunset everyday… so we took the opportunity to make some nice macro shots.

 Vliegend hert

And last but not least, we went to visit a spot often visited by wild hogs. The weather was getting really bad, a lot of rain so we didn’t had a lot of time left. While we were hiding for the flood of rain, we saw 2 cast piglets, probably because the mother already had another nest to take care of. But nevertheless we had the opportunity to make some nice pictures…


As you can see, a very fruitful day for some wildlife photographers, why aren’t all days like these…

Enjoy the pictures.


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