Birds of Prey in The UK

End of August I had an amazing trip with some fellow wildlife photographers (incl. Jeroen Stel who organized it) to Wales, United Kingdom. The aim of the trip was to make some great pictures of birds of prey. Jeroen knows exactly the places to be when you would like to make pictures of (Eurasian) Eagle Owls, buzzards, hawks, red kites and as an extra we had a hotspot for the white throated dipper!
We left early in the morning (3.30) to Calais for the Channel train. Once arrived in the UK, we started our trip to Wales.Arrived a couple of hours later in Gloucestershire, we started the first part of this trip with the owls. We had some great experiences with eagle-owls, a barn owl, a little owl and the most special experience (and results in my opinion) with a long-eared owl in perfect evening light. First day of the trip and it was already amazing.
Little owl
Long eared owl
Eurasian Eagle Owl
Late in the evening, we started to drive another couple of hours to our hotel in Rhayader, deep in Wales as we noticed on the road sign boards as they were telling us “Anaddas i gerbyd nwyddau trmw” (Unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles’, “Ildiwch” (Give way) or “Croeso i Gymru” (Welcome to Wales”… Really strange language and almost impossible to pronounce (for us) some words.Arrived in the hotel, we immediately went to bed for a short sleep, the morning after we went to a small creek for the white throated dippers, and yes, we saw them… Again, big success.
White throated dipper
Second part in the afternoon was a well known place for red kites… again, amazing to see all red kites from the neighbourhood coming together to feed . Like hundreds of them… They stay about 30mins till 1 hour and then they’re gone again. After this part, we heard some rumours of a badger sett and went in search for it. We found it, stayed a while, but no activity… You can’t have it all in such a weekend.
Red kiteNevertheless, we went back to the hotel for another short sleep and early in the morning driving back home.I must admit, what an adventure. Great people/company, great animals, great pictures, great food and hotel… Wonderful trip, thanks to Jeroen!!Up to a next adventure, hopefully soon!


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