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Orchids in the south of Belgium

Bee orchid - Meetchum Photography

Belgium is such a beautiful country. If you search well, you can find some true beauties. One of these beauties are orchids. Many people don’t know we have these flowers […]

Little owls in Belgium

Steenuil - Little Owl

After having found some time for going out and make some pictures again a couple of weeks ago, I’m ready to pick it up again and make more time available. […]

The famous “Uitkerkske polders”


Well, it has been a while isn’t it ūüėČ Not only having our second baby boy was time consuming (but worth it off course), but also my own agency¬†¬†is incredibly […]

Not much to see these days.


Not much to see these days. Last weekend I went to my favorite piece of nature. About 15 minutes driving from where I live, there is a lovely place where […]

My small red-haired friends, the foxes


At has been a while… the last couple of months, I’ve been focusing on one of my all time favourites. The red fox… I like them so much, they are […]

Badger watching


Last Friday I joined a scientific project of badger watching in Belgium. I was looking forward to it and was hoping on an opportunity to make some nice pictures of […]

Nature close at home


Even though the weather is already like its autumn, I was wondering if some macro stuff that normally comes out during summer is still present. Leaves aren’t falling down yet, […]

Bad weather this summer


Bad weather… well, last week there was one day with great sunny weather. Strange for this time of the year and as a result this is bad for the butterflies […]

European gulls


Most people don’t like them, see them as¬†carrion birds or whatsoever, but I like them. I’m taking about the gulls you can find on every coast in the world. They […]

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