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Visit to Helgoland, Germany

Helgoland 2012

  Last week I’ve been for 4 days to Helgoland, a small German archipelago in the North Sea. Helgoland is located 46 kilometers off the German coastline and consists of […]

Not much to see these days.


Not much to see these days. Last weekend I went to my favorite piece of nature. About 15 minutes driving from where I live, there is a lovely place where […]

My small red-haired friends, the foxes


At has been a while… the last couple of months, I’ve been focusing on one of my all time favourites. The red fox… I like them so much, they are […]

Forest birds out of a shelter

Blue tit

Some of you might already read it on my Twitter-account that I had a great day at the bird shelter of Han Bouwmeester. The shelter is so well organized, everything is present for […]

Kingfisher and more


Finally, I’ve got the kingfisher… Again, I went to the Oostvaardersplassen with a plan. I wanted to make some pictures of the belling red deer, the Konik horses and definitely […]



2 weeks ago I went to the Oostvaardersplassen. This is a nature reserve of approximately 56km² in the Dutch province of Flevoland. It is a very important wintering area for […]

Indian geese

Indian Goose

When I was in The Hague, Netherlands, I walked in the park and suddenly I saw two Indian geese. They are not that common and definitely not in these regions. […]

Wildlife photography workshop


Last weekend I had the opportunity to join a wildlife-photography workshop with Hennie van Heerden. A really great photographer with a wonderful portfolio. She is connected to nature photography since […]

European gulls


Most people don’t like them, see them as carrion birds or whatsoever, but I like them. I’m taking about the gulls you can find on every coast in the world. They […]

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