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Orchids in the south of Belgium

Bee orchid - Meetchum Photography

Belgium is such a beautiful country. If you search well, you can find some true beauties. One of these beauties are orchids. Many people don’t know we have these flowers […]

The Azores, a worldwide cetaceans hotspot: The blue whale research program

Blue whale - Meetchum Photography

May 2018 I had a fantastic opportunity to join a blue whale research program in The Azores. The program was part of the Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS) Research Institute […]

White-tailed eagles and more in Sweden

A week on a trip with some friends, other wildlife watchers/photographers… that’s the target of this trip. The trip started in Schiphol, Amsterdam where we took our flight to Stockholm, […]

Bears and Wolverines between Finland & Russia

In July 2016, I had the opportunity to join an team of enthusiasts under supervision of Jan Kelchtermans (EuropesBig5, Starling), in search of brown bears and wolverines, with some extras […]

Spermwhale study in Norway

Spermwhale Meetchum Photography

What an amazing trip… No other words to start this with. In May, I had the opportunity to go to Andenes, Norway. An island in the far north of Norway […]

The famous “Uitkerkske polders”


Well, it has been a while isn’t it ūüėČ Not only having our second baby boy was time consuming (but worth it off course), but also my own agency¬†¬†is incredibly […]


Grass snake

Absolutely fabulous… Last weekend I had the opportunity to go on a trip with a biologist, specialized in reptiles. We went on a hunt for snakes. In Belgium and The […]

Again between the whales and dolphins

Atlantic Spinner Dolphin

Yes, we did it again… Another holiday to one of our favourite destinations.¬†Gran¬†Canaria, one of the 6 official Canary Islands. If you can go on a holiday with your family […]

Safari in Europe: Oostvaardersplassen

On June 16th, I had the chance to go on a real safari… Not in one of the game reserves in Africa, but in the only European safari reserve there […]

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