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The Azores, a worldwide cetaceans hotspot: The blue whale research program

Blue whale - Meetchum Photography

May 2018 I had a fantastic opportunity to join a blue whale research program in The Azores. The program was part of the Mingan Island Cetacean Study (MICS) Research Institute […]

Amazing Shetland

What a great choice to go on a wildlife trip to The Shetland Islands. It was an amazing trip with some great people. Although the islands are just about 1500km […]

Spermwhale study in Norway

Spermwhale Meetchum Photography

What an amazing trip… No other words to start this with. In May, I had the opportunity to go to Andenes, Norway. An island in the far north of Norway […]

Tenerife and the whales

Dolphin and boat

After visiting Gran Canaria several times, I knew the Canary Islands are great for wildlife photography. There is not much on the island itself, except 1 or 2 quite rare […]

Again between the whales and dolphins

Atlantic Spinner Dolphin

Yes, we did it again… Another holiday to one of our favourite destinations.¬†Gran¬†Canaria, one of the 6 official Canary Islands. If you can go on a holiday with your family […]

Whales and more in the Canary Islands

Fin Whale

Well, I know, it has been a while. But I can say, it was a heavy period. A lot was going on, my design company ( was booming, travelling to […]

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