The famous “Uitkerkske polders”

Well, it has been a while isn’t it 😉
Not only having our second baby boy was time consuming (but worth it off course), but also my own agency is incredibly booming.
Nevertheless, I can’t leave my passion behind and found some time to get on a wildlife photography trip. I arranged a hide in “De Uitkerkse Polders” near Blankenberge. This is a great nature reserve being used as a stop on a migration for birds between the South and the North.
Tureluur Bergeend
There is a great variety of birds species like avocet, bluethroat, common tern and marsh harrier, spoonbill, ruff, bar-tailed godwitt and golden plover, geese and ducks… However, unfortunately I picked a day where it was like 30°C and after melting away in the hide for 5 hours and having only visits from a few shelducks, a redshank and some ducks I gave up. It was just too hot and I think most of the birds were thinking the same and looking for some cooler spots than an open space on the water.
It was a pity that after such a long period of non-active with wildlife photography I didn’t end with the results I was hoping for but a few of the pictures where nice. Have a look to the attached photos, they can give at least an overview of the location and the common species I saw.

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