Forest birds out of a shelter

Blue tit

Some of you might already read it on my Twitter-account that I had a great day at the bird shelter of Han Bouwmeester.
The shelter is so well organized, everything is present for attracting birds and have a wonderful, comfortable view on them. It is located in a private forest where animals can live undisturbed.

A wide variety of animals, mainly birds, are living in this neighborhood. Great- willow- and blue tits, great spotted woodpeckers, nuthatch, wrens, blackbirds, sparrow and sometimes a sparrowhawk… The last one passed by at the end of the day when we were packing our bags and stuff and clean the place. Suddenly we saw him flying over and dived into the bushes where a blue tit just landed. He flew out with the poor little bird in his claws. Unfortunately we didn’t have our camera’s ready anymore but it sure was impressive to see. This was the end of the day but we will go back to this place, for sure… For a nature photographer it is like a little kid in a candyshop! Thanks Han…

Enjoy the pictures we took in the birds section.

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