Harbor seals in The Netherlands

Harbour seal

A week ago, I was lucky to have an opportunity to attend a release of 4 common harbour seals. They all have been rescued out of awkward situations.

One of them, Jerommeke, was stuck for a couple of hours in the suctions of the cooling water for the “Dow Chemical”. This is a huge petrochemical company with a site near Terneuzen. After an intervention of the police, the fire department with some advanced technical diving team, he was rescued. This all happened somewhere in June and after a rehabilitation period in the seal shelter of “Lenie ‘t Hart“, they were all driven back to a beach where there is a known population of seals so they would be accepted in this group.

Although it was probably a very scary situation for the animals, they were released back to their normal life, what they deserve and this was such a beautiful moment to see.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures,

See you next time,

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