International Festival of Nature Photography 2012 by NVNFoto

Paul Nicklen

Last weekend I attend the International Festival of Nature Photography by NVNFoto in Burgers Zoo. It was a big program of International rewarded photographers that were giving a presentation but two of them were amazing. The first one was Frans Lanting, this was a big act since he is seen as one of the most fanous nature photographers of the world for the moment. Since he is a Dutchman, living in California, he made some kind of a special presentation for his home country. It was a combination of the history of nature photographers and his idols/friends like Ansel Adams, Art Wolfe…  But off course also about his famous project “Life”. But this was not the climax for me, The last photographer of the day was… Paul Nicklen. For me, one of the most inspiring photographers there is for the moment. Not because of his subject, the Arctic, but for his passion for nature. He started his life growing up in an Inuit society and learned to appreciate nature at is best. I can only tell you to see the TEDtv talk of him and you will understand what I mean… This man has a truly passion for nature: Paul Nicklen TEDTalk 

In 2 years, they can definitely expect me again on the festival, I absolutely enjoyed it.


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