Kingfisher and more


Finally, I’ve got the kingfisher… Again, I went to the Oostvaardersplassen with a plan. I wanted to make some pictures of the belling red deer, the Konik horses and definitely a kingfisher. I planned to spend half a day on the kingfisher part, hopefully a success after 4 hours of waiting and the rest of the day for the deer and horses…

This must have been my lucky day, I arrived at the place where I know the kingfisher is present and I only had to wait for 10 minutes when he landed on the perfect spot and had a cleaning performance of another 10 minutes. Absolutely amazing was this moment. I love those little blue and orange fishermen…

So I only spent half an hour of my day and I already had 50% of my target. Then I decided to go on, and not tempting fate, for some deer. When I arrived at the “Zeearend” I saw all the animals where quit far away but couldn’t leave with some panoramic scenes showing the variety of animals living in this area. On one of the pictures below you can see for example at least 6 white herons on a small aerial view.

I stayed here for a while enjoying the view and then I left with some good shots…

Have a look for some more kingfisher pictures in the birds section.


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