Little owls in Belgium

Steenuil - Little Owl
After having found some time for going out and make some pictures again a couple of weeks ago, I’m ready to pick it up again and make more time available. Business is still going hard with the design company but the demand to my wildlife pictures is coming back again, as well as sales via stock agencies…
I found a great spot that could be used from one of my Belgian fellow Wildlife photographers ( It is a spot with some little owls, seems like they had some youngsters and I thought this would be a great time to visit it.
After some arrangements with Glenn, I went to the location and it was a fantastic adventure. For the couple of hours I was there, it was constant activity. Looking for food, hunting, feeding the youngsters, playing around, air activity and off course resting and sleeping.
Steenuil - Little Owl Steenuil - Little Owl Steenuil - Little Owl
I’m very happy with the results that you can find attached to this post and some others in the dedicated section as well.
Looking forward to do this again, maybe next year.

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