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Meetchum Photography Responsiveness

Finally… It took me a while, but now my new website is online and your looking at it! Since I started a webdesign company almost 2 years ago ( I was thinking already quite a while about redesigning my own photography website. But the company of Meetchum is going so well, thanks to this it was hard to find the time to start updating my own website. But nevertheless, I learned a lot about the new trends and technologies. So, the website you are now looking at is for me the state of the art. I’ve implemented all the latest knowledge about frame working from the Twitter Bootstrap, fast loading scripts, responsiveness and Retina ready design and the latest SEO tips and tricks… So, I’m proud of it. As you can see in the images, the website is not only cross compatible, but also cross device tested and enabled, and when I say cross device, I really mean all devices, even the old Powerbook and an old Macintosh 512k.


I hope you still enjoy the pictures that I present on the website and together with the look and feel it gives you the complete experience that I want to give.

See you next time and I hope it won’t take so long this time.


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