News updates from my photo trips into the field

Whales and more in the Canary Islands

Fin Whale

Well, I know, it has been a while. But I can say, it was a heavy period. A lot was going on, my design company ( was booming, travelling to […]

Tree frogs, at last!


I had them on my list as one of the “most wanted” items to make some great pictures of. I suppose a lot of passionate nature/wildlife photographers have them on […]

A short last minute holiday to France

Albi Landscape

Well, 2 weeks ago I had planned some holiday… For the first time in like 10 years, we would stay in Belgium and not go abroad. But… since these 2 […]

Beautiful Holland


A couple of days ago, I had a wonderful trip with fellow Wildlife photographer Maas Van de Ruitenbeek. We started our day visiting some of the polders near Arkenheem. This is […]

Visit to Helgoland, Germany

Helgoland 2012

  Last week I’ve been for 4 days to Helgoland, a small German archipelago in the North Sea. Helgoland is located 46 kilometers off the German coastline and consists of […]

Not much to see these days.


Not much to see these days. Last weekend I went to my favorite piece of nature. About 15 minutes driving from where I live, there is a lovely place where […]

My small red-haired friends, the foxes


At has been a while… the last couple of months, I’ve been focusing on one of my all time favourites. The red fox… I like them so much, they are […]

International Festival of Nature Photography 2012 by NVNFoto

Paul Nicklen

Last weekend I attend the International Festival of Nature Photography by NVNFoto in Burgers Zoo. It was a big program of International rewarded photographers that were giving a presentation but […]

Snow is in the country!

Fox in the snow

Snow… Yes, finally I can go a try to make one of the shot I really wanted to have. Foxes in the snow… This is an idea I have already […]

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