News updates from my photo trips into the field

Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (AWD)

AWD Deer

A couple of days ago, I visited the “Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen” (AWD). This is an area of 3400ha, mostly dunes and moorland, and is created for the abstraction of drinking water […]

Unexpected fox encounter

A couple of days ago, I was again in the nature reserve close to Amersfoort. This domain us absolutely unknown for foxes living in it however…  I was walking in […]

Roe deer estrous cycle

Morning Deer

Last week I went to a nature reserve near Amersfoort with my friend Gerard. It supposed to be the mating time of the roe deer. What we found was superb… […]

Indian geese

Indian Goose

When I was in The Hague, Netherlands, I walked in the park and suddenly I saw two Indian geese. They are not that common and definitely not in these regions. […]

Wildlife photography workshop


Last weekend I had the opportunity to join a wildlife-photography workshop with Hennie van Heerden. A really great photographer with a wonderful portfolio. She is connected to nature photography since […]

Bad weather this summer


Bad weather… well, last week there was one day with great sunny weather. Strange for this time of the year and as a result this is bad for the butterflies […]

European gulls


Most people don’t like them, see them as carrion birds or whatsoever, but I like them. I’m taking about the gulls you can find on every coast in the world. They […]

European beavers


Last week I went with Gerard Kanters, fellow nature-photographer, on a trip to capture some nice images of European beavers. It was absolutely stunning how lucky we were. On a good […]

Gran Canaria

Dolphins Gran Canaria

For the second time in 2 months, we, my family and I, went to the Spanish Canary islands. This time we went for a longer period, 1 month. We planned […]

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