Portuguese Man O’War


During our stay in Gran Canaria, we were having a nice coffee in our favorite coffee bar on the beach and suddenly a guy passed by carrying his girlfriend. He stops, drops her off and runs to the lifeguards by himself. The girl was in a terrible pain, no doubts about. Quickly some people take care of her and a waiter brings some ice. I also go and have a look because I had the impression that she was a victim of a jellyfish. After some “sign language” I realize she was been struggling with a Portuguese man’O war. In the meanwhile her boyfriend arrives with the lifeguard and he doesn’t know what to do. I explain this can be really dangerous and she need to nursed.

I knew where they were swimming, close to the rocks and wanted to have a look if I could find the creature. After a minute or 2 searching in the water, I saw something and started to make some pictures. It was like 20 meters from the shore so I needed to view on my screen and zoom in… and indeed I found him.

The pictures are not that clear because I only had a maximum range of 200mm as objective with me but you can see it in above compilation…

Take care and be careful.

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