Roe deer estrous cycle

Morning Deer

Last week I went to a nature reserve near Amersfoort with my friend Gerard. It supposed to be the mating time of the roe deer. What we found was superb… We entered the domain, crossed the cattle grids, and immediately a male roe deer crossed us chasing a female at about 10-15 meters. And then it was only 6:30 in the morning.
We knew it, this was going to be a great day.

During the day, we saw lots of them chasing each other, demarcating their territory and all kinds of other habits. Later that day, during the afternoon, they tempered and started to enjoy the sun. They were quite tame and didn’t bother us walking around and taking shot, at a safe, reasonable distance off course.
As a result this day was absolutely stunning and a great experience of capturing roe deer on the sensor.

I was also able to make something extra. I created a series of shots of a roe deer passing by and afterwards, I stiched them together. Have a look:

Deer panorama

For all the other pictures, you can have a look into the mammals section to see them.

Thanks for passing by, enjoy

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