Safari in Europe: Oostvaardersplassen

Oostvaardersplassen Oostvaardersplassen Oostvaardersplassen

On June 16th, I had the chance to go on a real safari… Not in one of the game reserves in Africa, but in the only European safari reserve there is. Of course I’m referring to “The Oostvaardersplassen”. The reserve is covering about 56 square kilometres, it is noted as an example of rewilding. It is located in a polder that was created in 1968, but in spite of the environment having little time to develop, by 1989 it had international importance as a Wetland.

The reserve holds about 3000 red deer, 1500 koniks (which is the largest single population in Europe), a couple of hundred roe deer, large colonies of barnacle geese, spoonbills and last but not least… It is one of the most important habits for the egrets. The type of heron was almost extinct in the late 80’s, but now the population is restored again.

Thanks to Landschap vzw, I was able to go on this safari and what resulted in some great pictures. Enjoy some of the shots…


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