Grass snake Viper

Absolutely fabulous… Last weekend I had the opportunity to go on a trip with a biologist, specialized in reptiles. We went on a hunt for snakes. In Belgium and The Netherlands, we have 3 kinds of snakes: the common viper, the grass snake and the smooth snake. This last one is very rare and unfortunately we didn’t found. But the 2 others… yes we did 🙂

Arrived in the high north of The Netherlands, we went on a search first for the grass snakes in a small fen area. There we immediately found a couple of them. Next to this, we also found several slow worms. This is not a real snake (however, it looks like one) but it is a limbless reptile. After a couple of hour searching, taking pictures and a nice lunch in the field, we continued our trip to another moor searching for the vipers. It was kind of tricky as suddenly, the weather turned. It started to rain and the sun disappeared behind the clouds. This is very crucial for snakes as they need the sun to heath themselves. Otherwise, they go into the grass/moss layers on the ground to keep warm.

But as it was magic, there was a small gap in between some clouds and we found some vipers. This was one of an experience. Knowing this small snake is quite venomous (off course nothing in comparison to the real venom snakes like in Australia), you don’t want to have a bite from them as you will have to go to the hospital as you will be suite ill.
Once you have the snake in a nice position, you need to go down to the ground to have the best DOF effect on your picture, and if you then look through your macro objective, it suddenly looks really close to you. When it makes a move towards the camera, it looks like it is jumping on your head, that close I mean 🙂

Nevertheless, it was a great experience with some nice results where I’m happy with.
I really hope to do this once more as I’m actually quite passionate about these snakes into the wild.

Enjoy the pictures.


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