Snow is in the country!

AWD in Snow

Snow… Yes, finally I can go a try to make one of the shot I really wanted to have. Foxes in the snow…
This is an idea I have already for a long time, the orange fur in the white background. I went to a place where I know I have a good chance to see them and left early in the morning. It was -15°C and I was lucky to have winter tires on my car.

When I arrived it was even -19°C… But nevertheless, these small opportunists where searching for some food and trying to spent the day. One of them couldn’t even open his eyes because of the cold wind blowing into his face. I followed him and he found a mouse, tried to catch it and took also the opportunity to have some daily exercise and play with it. After a couples throws in the air and catching it back, he decided to eat it.

Fox in the snow

During the day I also took some pictures of some forest birds who were searching in the tops of the bushes for some fruits.

As you notice, it was a wonderful day and I really enjoyed, in 2 weeks I will go back and have a workshop with some people.

Enjoy the snow,

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