Spanish Canary Islands

Canary Islands

We just arrived back from a great holiday in the Spanish Canary Island of Gran Canaria.It was a wonderful time with some great photography opportunities.
I was informed that this is a volcanic island with not so much nature. As a passionated nature photographer, I held my breath and was hoping this was not the case… Indeed, I was astonished by the vast nature you can find on this island. The nature is very varied and can be deserted, low vegetation or pine tree forests.

However, flora is very lush on this island, fauna is not so. There is a variety of birds living on the island. From birds of prey in the backwoods till coastal birds nestling on the cliffs. But besides that there is only 1 local lizard, and some tropic intruders.

We base during this holiday was in Puerto de Mog├án in the south of the island. This is a very scenic and peaceful harbor place. We have been travelling around the island to see some other places like the highest point, Roque Nublo, the famous Dunas de Maspalomas…

We are positively surprised by this island and will go back soon to explore more of it.

For now, check the photo that are newly added. For scenic views there are also some panoramic pictures that I’ve added.

Have fun!

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