Squirrels and rats in the house…

Red squirrel
Some of the small forest animals that I had already for a long time on my (photography) list are our red haired friends, the red squirrels. Together with Jeroen Stel, I went to a place in Germany where they are quite easy to observe. 
Arrived on the spot, we installed us on the main spot and started the day… Immediately some of the curious ones came to check. Trying in different settings and different angels, I have some great results and I’m happy.
Brown rat Brown rat
On top of that, there were quite a lot of brown rats. Tried to make some nice shots of those as well, but if you think squirrels are fast and difficult to make pictures off, don’t start with the brown rats… they are extremely nervous and feel, hear and smell everything. Nothing escapes them and it’s really hard to make some nice shots of them… Nevertheless, I’m quite happy with some of the results I’ve made.
Enjoy the pictures!

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