Tenerife and the whales

Pilot whale

After visiting Gran Canaria several times, I knew the Canary Islands are great for wildlife photography. There is not much on the island itself, except 1 or 2 quite rare reptiles. BUT, there is a huge population of around 28 species (depending where you are located) of dolphins and whales. Some of them pass by like killer whales and some of the bigger whales, but almost all dolphin species are residential and in Tenerife, there is quite a big and healthy population of pilot whales. As this was one of the species that I didn’t photographed yet, I was looking forward to go on a trip there and spot some of them.

Dolphin and boat

We were located in the south, near Las Galletas. A lovely small town with some very good restaurants. There are several trips that can start in Los Americanos, but I went for the higher located town of Los Gigantes. There are the highest cliffs of Europe, some of them are between 500-800metres high.

These cliffs are great to see, but I was here for the dolphins and whales off course. Several trips with the Ocean Explorer were great and again, like when visiting Gran Canaria, 100% guarantee of seeing the whales and/or dolphins on every trip.

El Teide El Teide

Next to this photographic activity, I also went to the biggest mountain of Spain, El Teide… Great mountain and I must admit, it was more impressive than I expected.

I will plan quite fast another trip as I’m intrigued by this pelagic live.

Enjoy the pictures and I hope to come up with more.




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