The Flamingo Adventure


Last weekend I had the opportunity to go, in my opinion, on a real expedition. I did it together with renowned wildlife photographer Jeroen Stel. A lot of his work can be admired at

We planned to go to the group of flamingo’s near the Veluwermeer in The Netherlands. You would not expect these exotic birds in The Netherlands but it is true… there are flamingo’s. The group exists out of 20 European flamingo’s (Phoenicopterus roseus) and 7 Chilean ones (Phoenicopterus chilensis). The ones from Chili are real exotics and they are presumed to be escaped individuals from private collections or Zoo’s.

Our adventures started at around 08.00 when we arrived at the lake, immediately we saw the group of flamingo’s flying over. This was going to be the day!
Unfortunately, this was the last time that we saw them for the following 6 hours. After driving around the lake for a couple of hours, we suddenly saw them at the other side of the lake. Now we tried remembering the location after driving another 20-30 minutes until we reached the spot. Again, we didn’t saw them anymore due to the high reeds along the lake. Looking for a couple of minutes, we saw them take off, fly for a couple of minutes and then just strike down on the same spot. We found a gap through the reeds and took our waders, went into the water and started to approach them very careful. Then it began, they were so relaxed that we could approach them till 10-15 meters. Amazing moments, they were foraging, resting, playing and sleeping. We were able to this for the next couple of hours until it went dark. Great moments and great pictures, what a day!

Thanks Jeroen for the great company, really enjoyed the day.

Flamingos Flamingos

Have a look at the pictures in the galleries or on my Facebook page.

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