Visit to Helgoland, Germany

 Helgoland 2012

Last week I’ve been for 4 days to Helgoland, a small German archipelago in the North Sea. Helgoland is located 46 kilometers off the German coastline and consists of two islands: the populated triangular 1 km2 main island (Hauptinsel) to the west, and the Düne to the east. Düne is somewhat smaller at 0.7 km2, lower, and surrounded by sand beaches. It is not permanently inhabited, but is today the location of Helgoland’s airstrip.

The islands is known for its beautiful hordes of gannets, murres, different kind of gulls that are breading on the 62m high red-colored cliffs this time of the year. It was an amazing view to see so many sea birds on one place at a time. We enjoyed this scene the first day we arrived.

Helgoland 2012

The day after it became even more interesting as we visited the smaller island of Düne. This island is known for its populations of harbor seals and grey seals. I already saw some harbor seals but the grey ones are really impressive with their 3 meters of length. Also a quite large amount of Oystercatchers are living here. I don’t know why but these birds always had my interest. I really enjoyed the time taking pictures of them while feeding, cleaning and even mating.

Helgoland 2012

The following days we shifted between both island to enjoy even more great photo-moments. It was an amazing trip, definitely worth it and I would like to thank Ronald Annema who organized everything smoothly.

Have a look into several galleries on the website and enjoy.

See you soon

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