Whales and more in the Canary Islands

Rissos dolphin Fin Whale

Well, I know, it has been a while. But I can say, it was a heavy period. A lot was going on, my design company (http://www.meetchum.be) was booming, travelling to the Canary Islands, had a visit of the flu… as you can see a lot happened.

But nevertheless, I keep on photographing whenever I have some free time. One of those moments was when I was on a holiday with my family in Gran Canary, one of the Canary Islands. Since we know the place quite good, I also know the places to visit for some good wildlife. The islands do not have a lot of local species… on land. Because when you visit the goods spots in the ocean, you can see a lot of pelagic life. The bigger ones I mean, like the whales and dolphins.

This year, I was lucky enough to see a fin whale, a minke whale, spotted dolphins, bottle nose dolphins, spinner dolphins and… a family of Risso’s dolphins, very unusual!

Enjoy some of the pictures above in this post and in the marine mammals sections.

Oh yes, and by the way… while I was not able to make some new pictures, I did my best to create a new logo and watermark for my work.


Enjoy and thanks for your visit!

Bye for now.

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