White-tailed eagles and more in Sweden

A week on a trip with some friends, other wildlife watchers/photographers… that’s the target of this trip.

The trip started in Schiphol, Amsterdam where we took our flight to Stockholm, arrived there we immediately went to our renting car and started a trip to our first target species, the Siberian Jay.

Walking a while through a thick layer of snow brought us to the place to be… setting us up, waiting about 20 minutes and they arrived. Wonderful bird that flies through the trees and lands in front of you, without fear.

The first success was already booked 🙂

After a couple of hours enjoying these jays, we drove to our first hotel where we enjoyed a bit of rest because the next night, we would have to wake up at 3:00 at night to go to the eagle hides. Actually, the 2 following nights… not much of sleep is waiting us 🙂

But then, the observation of the eagles could begin…

Of course, on the site for observing the eagles, a lot of other birds were present as well. A lot of hooded crows as you can see in the pictures below, but also magpies. the second day we had no landings of eagles, something was going on… after a couple of hours we saw the Golden Eagle. This is a real raptor and all other eagles were afraid of him… So, not much of success then.

Next to that, we also found a lot of wildlife track as you can see (pictures taken with iPhone)

Some other pictures from places we’ve visited.

One of the places was the B&B from the Belgian Kjell Janssens (Natur Storsveden AB). He is a well know bird ringer and took us on one of his nightly trips to ring some Boreal Owls… Amazing moment it was when we catch one and ringed it.


As you can see, another busy trip with some amazing moments.

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